River Challenge Island Tour

5 Miles 4 Hours 2+ People

Thrills for the Adventurous

Would you like to win a cold beer, soda or an ice-cream? This a tour for you.

The tour of all tours..River challenge tour takes you on a great adventure! 

Starting from our home port, Srebreno beach, we hop in our kayaks and head for Robinson beach.This is the place where we have a 20 minute break and our challenge which can get you a free drink or an ice-cream! If you can sit one minute in a freezing river on the mouth of river Ljuta you win!

After that we head for the Supetar island, enter a small warm lagoon and leave the kayaks on a small
beach. Then you have one hour of free time to enjoy refreshments, snorkel, swim, sunbathe or just
chill with a drink in the beach bar which is opened in high season.

Before, after and during the trip the guide will be providing you with all the tips you need for
paddeling easier and all the knowledge you want of the local are and Dubrovnik from past to future!

how it works


We meet 15 minutes before the tour at Srebreno beach where we get to know each other and tell you a little bit more about the tour.

Intro to kayaking

NIn a couple of short steps we introduce you to kayaking and best and easiest way to paddle on our tour. We also go through the safety regulations to make sure everything goes well and everybody feels safe.

Off we go

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Come and join the thrill and excitement of sea kayaking!