Lazy Tour

Lazy tour

If you dont feel like doing anything but your conscience is making you move from bars, restaurants and the air-conditioned apartments then we got a perfect tour for you!

1.5 Miles 2 Hours 2+ People

Lazy Tour

With only 1,5 mile round trip and an hour and a half long Lazy tour just might suit you. We take you to a beatifull small beach down the coast where we provide you with snorkelling gear and a half hour to spend in the water or on the beach.The guide is with you the whole time and all the tips for paddling or snorkelling you will recive. This tour is also very popular for families with children under six and older inexperinced people.

How it goes


We meet 15 minutes before the tour at Srebreno beach where we get to know each other and tell you a little bit more about the tour.

Intro to kayaking

NIn a couple of short steps we introduce you to kayaking and best and easiest way to paddle on our tour. We also go through the safety regulations to make sure everything goes well and everybody feels safe.

Off we go!

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